Today’s smartphones were seen to be excelling past the current hand-held gaming devices in sales and technology. Sony has fought back creating competition once again in the gaming world by releasing on the 21st February 2012 the PS Vita.

The PS Vita is an upgrade to the original PSP, however gamers will notice significant changes including features once only found on a mobile phone.

PS Vita’s features include; two analogue sticks, 5 inch multi-touch screen, memory of up to 32GB,  integrated GPS, bluetooth, front and rear cameras, WiFi and a first for a hand-held gaming device the PS Vita contains 3G capacity. Of course in modern society the device can also support modern networking sites such as Facebook, Foursquare, Skype and Twitter which are all free to download from the PlayStation store. Another unique feature is the ability to chat with your friends while watching a video or playing a multiplayer game.

Thinking back to my parents youth when they had to go to an arcade or corner shop to play Pac-Man or Space Invader this new technology clearly shows the current flow of content. Pac-Man was an analogue game it could not be moved  from its tangible state. However with the example of the PS Vita where you can download orignal PSP games this proves the current flow of content as now games are digital and intangible.

Even thinking back to when I started primary school a device such as this would not have even be considered. Cameras were not integrated into any handheld devices besides an actual camera. Internet was still new to many families and could only be used through a computer. To play games you had to purchase tangible objects to place into your gaming device.
This shows how convergent gaming consoles are and how they have become a new media platform.

The new integration of 3G WiFi (which was originally only found on  mobile phones or portable internet devices), the ability to social network, download previous tangible games to a new digital format so they can be transported has made the PS Vita to become a true media platform.

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2 thoughts on “PS VITA!

  1. Hi Amy,

    Excellent point on the evolution of gaming consoles from stand-alone devices to interfaces for streaming content. This argument could also extend to tablets with the amazon Kindle being the prime example.

    On another note, you don’t have to insert the hyperlinks directly – looks nicer when you embed them in text: i.e. Image sourced from [where works as a hyperlink to the source].


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