Facing the Faceless men

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Over the past month there has been many mentions on the news regarding the “Faceless men” of the Australian Labour Party. This term has seemed to become a household name with anyone that actively listens to the news. Even Tony Abbott himself has used the term “faceless men” creating a statement consisting of this very phase repeated,

“The Faceless Men give, the Faceless Men take away, blessed be the Faceless Men.”

<Sky News,2012, “The scourge of the Faceless Men”,Sky News, 29th Feburary, accessed 6/4/2012  >

Where did this expression come from? Why has it taken off within parliament and society?Where did this expression come from? Why has it taken off within parliament and society?

This expression was emphasised when Kevin Rudd made his resignation speech in Washington D.C. last month. This is when this phase “the faceless men” really gained ground, especially within the media. The media have really focused on the faceless men being a driving force behind Prime Minister Julia Gillard, with one article in the Sydney Morning Herald claiming “They’re under the carpet, swinging from the chandelier, hiding behind the potted plant.”< Sydney Morning Herald, The scourge of the Faceless Men , 29/2/12, Don Woolford> The media have spread rumours regarding these men which have even influenced, according to Julia Gillard, the opposition.

The media have been stating that the faceless men are running the country. They are the spine of Julia Gillard and leading her to make decisions only they approve of. They are to blame  for Rudds demise, with more speculation released within the media regarding to Gillards take over in 2010. Questions regularly put forward in media releases regarding this are; Was this her plan all along? Did she have an acceptance speech being written two weeks before?  Gillard was then faced with these questions in Question time when once again, a suspended motion was put forward by Tony Abbott, with Gillard simply responding “the opposition shouldn’t believe everything they read.” Clearly a great example of how the media can influence an individuals understanding on situations.

This speculation and large media output has placed a bad light on the current ALP, especially when it was clear that through TV shows such as Sevens Sunrise, various news papers and online polls Kevin Rudd is prefered leader, and these so called “Faceless men” had a large input in demoting Rudd from Prime Minister hence strong public backlash.

No one is sure who the faceless men are exactly, speculation from people I have talked to believe they are; the unions or just plain backbenchers. However it is clear from opinion polls, general people I have spoken to in my community and online discussions such as #auspol on twitter that the over media speculation and emphasis of the “Faceless men” have left the ALP more un-trust worthy, the fear that unknown powers are running the country and generally caused fear and confusion within the general voting community.

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all sources are from, Sydney Morning Herald, Google images, SkyNews.


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