Death of the Gameboy!

When I was around five years old all I ever wanted  was Nintendo’s Gameboy. This was the ultimate handheld gaming device of its time. The first portable gaming device that allowed you to change games which then advanced onto the Gameboy Advance incorporating colour and smaller games.

Image sourced from: Google

We fast forward to the present and this is known as dead technology. Games for the Gameboy are now fetching $10 or less on eBay.

Handheld gaming devices have changed due to currently consumers do not want to only consume products they also want to produce and share their ideas and products, be prosumers.  

The Gameboy has died but the content lives on however in a different way the medium has changed through a great revolution. Games we use to play on our Gameboy’s are still accessible on current handheld games with the example of the PS Vita.

The PS Vita is what I see as Sony’s version of the Gameboy. This is more convenient as it allows a consumer to be a prosumer through its media creating apps such as Facebook and Twitter. Though it also allows games from the time of the Gameboy to still be enjoyed through their online Sony store where you can download many old loved games.

This creates cheaper production. The Gameboy required money to be spent on producing tangible games that may or may not be purchased and creating the consumer to pay extra for the extra materials use to create the game. The PS Vita’s Sony store is cheaper in production as you simply download the game. There is hardly any cost to the company as it is not a tangible copy, hence a part of the discount should be passed on to consumers.

Today’s handheld gaming consoles are cheaper in production and allow more content flow which is what prosumers want.

Though having said that I still miss my Gameboy

until next time

That’s all folks



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