Copying my blog?

Have you been copying my blog? Are you thinking of copying my blog? Or have you been copying anything else on the internet? You most likely have breached copyright laws, though don’t worry I doubt the police will be coming to arrest you any time soon.

Copyright has become a major part of our current society with the notion of “without copyright protection we cannot encourage creatively nor would it be able to exist.”

Copyright law has changed over the past few decades presently a publication cannot be re-published or parts used unless it is 70 years after the author’s death unless it has been published in a public domain allowing anyone free use of the material.

However to try to allow nourishment of creative activities there is an escape clause which can used for a legal defence; Fair use.

Fair use states:

  • Purpose and character of the use
  • Nature of work being used
  • Amount of work used
  • Effect of the use on the value of the original

Copyright has even made itself a problem for companies producing new versions of their products. As proven in the current law case of Apple vs Samsung. Apple feel many of Samsung’s designs model Apples smart phones and Ipad’s to closely.

The current law suit mainly focuses on their range of galaxy phones however they already sought a block in court to stop the sale of Samsung’s 10in tablet last September. More of this article can be read here.

Copyright has also become a major issue relating to prosumers as they must seek permission to even use 1second of a song. This has meant harmless videos of animals dancing or birds singing along to songs can become copyrighted and cause a law suit to fall on the prosumer.  This is why fair use is necessary it allows prosumers to be creative and produce their arts as long as it is for educational use, parody or anything stated under the Fair use act.

This shows how strict copyright laws currently are within our society. Companies can now own designs and block another companies products if they believe it will be seen to represent their product to closely. Friendly videos can’t be shared accross the globe due to copyright matters halting prosumers art.

Society seems to have halted a lot of creative works through strict copyright law though contradicting this  many believe no creative works would be produced without protection?

Think before you press ctrl c.

That’s all folks



(Mitew, T 2012,Watch but don’t touch! Copyright, ownership structures and industry control, BCM112, lecture, University of Wollongong, delivered on 12th March)


One thought on “Copying my blog?

  1. A few things to think about.

    Firstly, your second paragraph contains a quote, but where is it from? I have no idea!

    Also, your blog needs more ‘reflection’ and less summary. for example you state what fair use is, but don’t really explain how it is or isn’t problematic.

    Your stuff on the Apple versus Samsung is good, maybe you would like to think more about the implications of copyright for prosumers on the Internet?

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