Was this a “Fair shake of the sauce bottle?”

It was only last month a video of Kevin Rudd swearing was uploaded to YouTube. Overnight the media found the video and created headlines for the next morning. The video is simply Kevin Rudd becoming frustrated by not remembering his lines and having a stressful day. This footage is also apparently from when he was the Prime Minister, proving it has no relevance today due to how dated it is.

However leadership debate over who is the preferred Prime Minister was starting to heat up within the media and it has been proposed that Julia Gillard’s office had a large part in leaking this video. Even Rudd himself stated in an interview with FoxNews,

“suddenly emerges now, then obviously it’s a little bit on the unusual side,”

<Youtube under the title Happy Little Vegemite, News.com.au, Samantha Maiden, 19/2/12>

This video was quickly taken by the media and edited to suit their needs. It is widely known that each media channel has their own political preference and often report according to this. I have noticed that each channel edited the video differently, some focused on the swearing and others made the video more tame. This would influence those watching the reports to view Kevin’s outburst in different ways and perhaps the party as a whole.

The Original Video (Note: offensive language is contained in this footage):

ABC New’s Version:

Channel Sevens Version:

The videos above clearly show how the media edits news stories to their own needs. However they have all taken this video widely out of context. Also Channel Seven News has really focused on the swearing parts of the video though it can be clearly seen in the original that not every second word Kevin said was profanity.

These different reports on Kevin Rudd’s outburst demonstrate media control in society. The average person who has not seen the original can only form an opinion on what they are shown through these new reports.

The media has portrayed this issue to be against what a political leader should be, however they have ignored most of the comments on YouTube from users congratulating Kevin for being a ” True Australian”

I don’t believe in this case the media gave Kevin a  “fair shake of the sauce bottle” but rather used this leak to further their build up of their predicted leadership challenge.

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