Your an open book?? Not anymore

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The phrase ” I am as open as a book” can no longer be applied. You maybe sitting there thinking why? I often use this  phrase and no one will correct me. I am looking at the  phrase from a technology view point. Book’s are now often seen as a thing of the past due to new technologies such as; the Kindle, Ipad and even smart phones. Though you are still probably thinking even though it is not tangible it is still in itself a book and this phrase can still be applied. Think again.

Many current technologies which we use daily are actually considered closed devices. The most popular closed device is Apple. Many individuals have an Apple Ipod, Ipad, Iphone or Mac computer, and most of these individuals are probably unaware that their device is potentially “closed”.

Mitew, T (2012) referred to current closed technologies as having a walled in garden. They are a society of their own where only users can migrate in and the software cannot. Apple like to have complete control over their product and do not allow consumers to become prosumers without their consent. Every app that is made and available for download on Itunes has been approved by Apple.

It is believed that being closed is better for the consumer, they are looking out for their own good but is this really true? Where has the consumers personalization gone? Why can’t a consumer no longer access content on certain devices unless it is authorised by the devices company? I believe this has severely decreased consumer creativity, this will stop consumers becoming prosumers and sharing content they have created themselves just because a company believes no one can do it better than them.

On the other side however is Google’s Android. This software would be acceptable to use the  phrase open as a book. “This software is a open and free platform.” (Mitew, T 2012, I ❤ gadgets: platforms, permissions and ideologies in technological convergence, BCM112, lecture, University of Wollongong) This allows unofficial markets to sell and share apps which can be run by smart phones using their software.

Android being open, has allowed consumers to become prosumers. It has engaged in and nourished consumer creativity and design regarding their apps. No app will need moderation meaning everyone has a chance at creating and sharing their apps with other consumers creating a better interaction then Apple has. It also allows Android users to personalise their mobile to their needs and wants and potentially making the product their own.

However no one ever seems to comment on another software that is closed,one which I own, Nokia’s Meego. Meego is basically Apples ios software merged with Android though the only market I can purchase apps from is the meego store which is very limited due to the lack of knowledge of the product and only being featured majorly on the Nokia N9.

Every mobile phone we buy today is either a closed piece of technology or open. This depends on the company whether they want complete control or none.

So do you still consider yourself an open book?

That’s all folks



(Mitew, T 2012, I ❤ gadgets: platforms, permissions and ideologies in technological convergence, BCM112 Convergent Media, lecture, University of Wollongong, delievered 19th March )


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