Titanic 100 year memorial

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Hey well this blog is going to be quite different as this is not a blog for my University degree but rather my first every personal blog.
Titanic currently a very well talked about event due to the impending re-release of the film in 3D and April 14th being 100years since the ship hit the ice burg.

Titanic was the largest ship of its time but also claimed to be “unsinkable”. This claim is due to its extensive water tight compartments which could become flooded with water and still enable the ship to float. Amazing for a ship in 1912. This created the White Star Line officials who were in charge of safety concerns on the ship to not even consider the fact they may need more lifeboats.

Men such as Thomas Andrew’s insisted more lifeboats were to be added but this was seen as a waste of deck space on an unsinkable ship. They were able to set sail with limited life boats due to the legislation at the time only required a set minimum even if this did not adequately cover the amount of individuals on board.

Though on April 14th 1912 the Titanic sadly hit an iceberg punching holes along the starboard side. The water taken in was too much for the watertight compartments causing the water to spill over the bulk heads and flooding the ship.

I have read many account’s of the night each tell a different story. One I have read is that passengers saw a ships lights nearby by, though the morse code operators could not come in contact with the ship due to their communications staff had retired to bed. In the end only the Carpathia responded but would take 4hours to reach the Titanic which by then she would be well and truly under water.

The best accounts I have read and would recommend you reading is “Sinking of the Titanic Eyewitness Accounts– edited by Jay Henry Mowbray” I only recommend this due to I believe it is an amazing read and has credibility due to it being published in 1912.

Every site you visit you are likely to receive different numbers of how many were on board and how many lived and died but they are all around the same figures. My current source tells me that there was 2229 passengers onboard and 713 survived. This is a significant loss  of life.

The same source also provides a break down of number of individuals that survived from each class:

 1st Class On Board  1st Class Survived  2nd Class On Board  2nd Class Survived  3rd Class On Board  3rd Class Survived  Crew On Board  Crew Survived
 Men 175 57 168 14 462 75 192
 Women 144 140 93 80 165 76 23
 Children 6 5 24 24 79 27
 Total 325 202 285 118 706 178 913 215

There have been of late discussion around that if the lifeboats were loaded fuller for instance one  lifeboat instead of holding 50 individuals it held around 16, if these boats were filled to capacity I have heard a rumour that at least 500 more lives could have been saved.
Though it is also known that the 3rd class passengers had many if not all gates locked to trap them in the bottom of the ship until it was their turn to go to the boat deck to try to save themselves. This could also be a large fact of why so many of the 3rd class died, going off the chart above around 75% of this class died!

Titanic has been a big part of my nerdy life since I was nine. I find it fascinating and I am heaps excited to be going to the IMAX in Sydney next month to view the film in 3D.

Please leave your thoughts on this event and take a moment on April 14th or April 15th to think about this tragic loss of life.

Until my next post

That’s all folk’s


Image  sourced from: Google


3 thoughts on “Titanic 100 year memorial

  1. I do like the movie because its a Jamie Cameron film and the fact’s I have read are interesting yes, of the Titanic’s history. but for me the down side for the film is it seemed like 90% romantic and 10% fact’s of its true story in history ( but that is just me ) thou it did make for a good film none the less. so good work Amy very interesting reading 🙂 but it is hard to know what is officially true fact of the Titanic as you have mentioned.

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