Murder Trial: Media vs ALP

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In this blog I will examine the case of The Media vs ALP. It could be seen as the final straw that has brought the Labor party to its current state. The media created the issue of “Who is the preferred PM”. This issue started within media and ended with the media.

I am sure if you search news paper archives from at least one weeks before the leadership challenge you will see debate in the media of who is the prefered PM. There was no real official mention of tension rising between Rudd and Gillard however the media saw tension rising and noted that this could be a big story.

We rose one morning to find many media sources reporting on a supposed “leadership showdown”. This generated speed and girth throughout the week from editorials, front page coverage, polls and headlining new stories. Though where did this speculation come from? Was it merely the media noticing the tension within the party? Or was it the media’s way of trying to change our government ?

I personally believe the latter. The media had no real base for this speculation, Rudd was at the time the Foreign Minister planning for a Washington visit. This would not have been an appropriate time for him to stage a “showdown” also it was more convenient for him to resign as Foreign Minister to become a back bencher before he challenged which in the end this did occur.

This media speculation even caused meetings to occur between the caucus,  “Ms Gillard has called the meeting amid increasing media speculation that she will soon face a leadership challenge from Foreign Minister Kevin Rudd “ this quote truly demonstrates the power that the media holds over the government.

Was it because of the media that the Kevin Rudd swearing video was leaked? Did Julia Gillard leak it as also speculated in the media?

Gillard states, “”My office did not have access to the material people have seen on YouTube.” If what Gillard says is true this even furthers the media’s power in this issue as it is evident the media would have posted this. Not only did they most likely have access to the outtakes but they also could use this footage to keep their earlier story alive regarding the leadership challenge.

“Mr Swan has hit out at the media coverage about a possible leadership challenge to Prime Minister Julia Gillard, describing it as “bizarre”” Many MP’s have been quoted making similar statements even Kevin himself did not state any plans for a future leadership challenge.

With the eventual leadership challenge occurring I believe the media set up the government and murdered them within the press. The media here seem to be the ones who created the issue of the leadership challenge, they kept adding external pressure on the Government and they kept the story alive by, what I believe was them leaking the Kevin Rudd YouTube swearing video. This media story generated tension on politics and potentially was the main cause of this leadership challenge. In the end due to media pressurethe leadership challenge became necessary for parliament to be able to resume and have official important issues covered not just who was preferred Prime Minister.

This case, this murdering of the current leading government proves how much power the media has over public beliefs, parliamentary debate and over who will lead the country

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Who did you want to be PM?


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