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Have you ever noticed that perhaps your favourite Movie or TV show  is part of a transmedia storytelling process? Do you even know what transmedia is?

Transmedia storytelling:
“represents a process where integral elements of a fiction get dispersed systematically across multiple channels” -Henry Jenkins

This is the new way to entertain an audience. Today’s audience is  more empowered than ever before; resulting in the want  to be a prosumer (producer + a consumer) and also know more about the character’s of their favourite shows and films. For me my addiction is True Blood.

True Blood is a great example of modern transmedia storytelling even Henry Jenkins agrees with this statement “But many of the big hits–including Glee, True Blood, and The Walking Dead–model new transmedia strategies to attract and sustain audience engagement.”

True Blood is a TV series aired on HBO, though this is not an original story for TV as the series is based on the books “Southern Vampire Mystery”  (also known as, Sookie Stackhouse novels and now True Blood) The audience can easily become engaged with this TV show due to the amount of channels this series content flows across. Such as; TV series, Blog, Comics, Podcasts and even a online community.

Each channel is an extension on the fandom, “the extension may provide insight into the characters and their motivations” this helps to further engage the audience and keep their engagement for longer periods of time and through season breaks.

True Bloods main channel which I believe really shows  their use of transmedia is baby vampire Jessica’s blog. After every episode Jess releases a blog of her thoughts on events from the  last episode. This allows a better understanding of Jessica and really lets the audience get to know her on a personal level.

They also have created a number of comic books which contain history on all the main characters, this helps to better understand the characters better however the books are the best for background information and to gain a real insight into Sookie’s mind as the book is written in first person.

True Blood as you can see is a great example of transmedia story telling, they ensure that their content is scattered across many different media contents allowing many access points to the story. This in return allows the audience to further engage themselves, become active within the story by exploring different aspects and in general all of these “multiple narratives form a coherent whole”. ( (Mitew, T 2012, Transmedia narratives: from blockbusters to g/local content flow, BCM112, lecture, University of Wollongong) Especially when most of these narratives provide a character background and insight to their thoughts on events.

So is your favourite Tv show or film employing transmedia storytelling?

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Mitew, T 2012, Transmedia narratives: from blockbusters to g/local content flow, lecture,BCM 112 Convergent Media, University of Wollongong, delivered 2nd April.
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Image sourced from: Google


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