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Social media  over the week of the Labor leadership challenge  often referred to the event as  Kevenge!

Kevenge is essentially the product of the words Kevin and revenge merged together. However this really took off on Twitter at the time and even trended. This was a perfect mashup and relevant to the society of Australia at the time due to channel Sevens new hit show Revenge was starting to air and many contrasted this to the current political event.

So who first created the term Kevenge? Was this Channel Seven finding a great marketing ploy as this hashtag did trend on twitter? Or did a politican create it to add severity to the situation?

However easy as these speculations are to believe according to this article, the user @James-Jeffrey created this hashtag. This is  one tweet starting  a new media reference for the event with respected newspapers such as, The Australian and Sydney Morning Herald also TV shows such as Channel Tens The Project  referred to the term.

Though how has the media used this term? Has is created an even worse image for Gillard or  Rudd??? Users comments were varied ,I have heard many hashtags were encouraging Kevenge, supporting his movement while others thought it was a funny slogan. However I feel this hashtag has worked against Labor once again with comments such as:

Source: pollblogger

   With other comments on YouTube stating:

“Notice the only thing all the politicians agreed on in the last 12 months was their massive pay-rise near Christmas, whilst everyone else gets a pay drop compared to the rise in the cost of living. A true ME ME ME experience – Bob Brown included. Their excuse was “we just follow the independent commission’s recommendation”. Who funds the commission? Labor or Liberal does not matter… the politicians come first, corporations come second (privatisation) and the people come last.”– creativeengineer 1 month ago

The main part of this comment is demonstrating how many other individuals feel about Kevenge, that Kevin is merely seeking this revenge for his own interest.

“Well i suppose they are at least backing him. I’m not. It was a cheap ego shot doing it as he did. He is too bitter to be able to run the country, he won’t have genuine support from the MP’s, even if they were foolish enough to give him back his old job.
The media has played a large part in this …seriously pedantic. Sinister forces/agendas at play here.”
-Commenter no Abbott Date and time February 23, 2012, 11:16AM

Other’s regard this as a cheap ego shot and to further his own self-interest’s. Only regarding these three comments from three different media platforms it is clear that Kevenge seems to mean to most people, a man causing disruption in the government to boost his ego, to satisfy self-interest’s and to repay Gillard the same experience she gave him.
Kevenge was a very creative, user-created term for this event. This also demonstrates the power of twitter and the effect it can have, as this term was then used when reporting the leadership challenge by many media outlets.
Just from one twitters comments many people may now view Kevin Rudd differently and change their preferences of their preferred leader.
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That’s all folks
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