Day of remembrance for the Titanic

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The date at which I am currently writing this blog in Australia is 14th April 2012. One hundred years to the date that  Titanic last saw sunlight before hitting the iceberg.

Many often mourn on this day, but it is not accurate to mourn the majority of the lives on this day. Titanic hit the iceberg around 11:40pm on April 14th, but did not finally sink until just after 2am on April 15th.  This means the main day of mourning should be tomorrow.

I am writing this blog in advance due to I know many only remember the date as April 14th hoping they will come across this blog and take note that hopefully tomorrow they will stop and remember for 1 minute all the innocent lives lost on the sea in this horrible tragedy.

Titanic is an interesting event due to why it occurred.

  • The White Star line believed they didn’t need more lifeboats as there was no regulation for lifeboats at the time. And this ship was unsinkable! Also I recently read at the Titanic exhibit at the Maritime Museum in Sydney that very few people died at sea from sinking of a vessel with, if my memory serves me right, the maximum that ever died in one event at the time was 100. This exhibit is one I recommend for anyone who can easily make it to Sydney.
  • Communication officers had retired to bed on many nearing ships. The law has since been changed someone at all times must be in the communications office. And legislation has also changed on lifeboats. Lifeboats must now be able to hold every life onboard.
  • Captain Smith demanded more speed when he lit the last boiler even though he had received an iceberg warning. Instead of travelling in caution and slowing down the vessel to make it easier to turn and stop in case of icebergs he instead created the opposite effect. The speed of the ship was too fast to ensure easy navigation around the iceberg, and even though she seemed to miss it she was still too close with a large percentage of icebergs being under the water.
  • Also furthering the extent of this event is te disregard they held on the ship for 3rd class passengers lives. Reported many gates were closed trapping them in their designated area until it was their turn for the lifeboats. However by the time it was their turn for the lifeboats most were already gone or nearly full with 1st class (mainly) and 2nd class.

However if you are interested in reading rare documents I suggest you check out as they currently are allowing free viewing of their Titanic archives.


So on April 15th think about the lives which were lost. The incredible stories that came out of this event. The terror 3rd class passengers felt when they were locked down on their decks. The incredible love stories of selfless men saving their partners before even thinking about themselves.

Until next time,

R.I.P to all those lost on the RMS Titanic

That’s all folks,



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