The Rising of the ZOMB…. wait no it’s the NERDS!!!!!!

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Nerds are living among us. They maybe living in your suburb, in your street, in your house , maybe even sitting RIGHT NEXT TO YOU!
Are you aware of the nerds?

Google defines a nerd as:

“A foolish or contemptible person who lacks social skills or is boringly studious: “one of those nerds who never asked a girl to dance””.

“An intelligent, single-minded expert in a particular technical discipline or profession.”

This is still an accurate definition for many nerds but modernly nerds are now socially acceptable and common within our society. Individuals who would never classify themselves as nerds can now be seen as A NERD. Nerd’s have become popular in society as entertainment companies have discovered they are marketable and  there is money to be made from them.

This has led to the rise of shows such as; The Big Bang Theory, True Blood and Chuck and movies such as; Thor, The Avengers and Iron Man. Comic Con (american comic convention) and Supanova (Australia’s sci-fi convention) are now major events attracting high-profile stars and individuals from all walks of life.

I will admit I am a modern-day pop culture nerd. I own the entire DVD set of The Big Bang Theory, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Heroes and True Blood. I have collected all the comics, magazines,merchandise and books of True Blood, Heroes and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I am also however a nerd in my own way by being obsessed with Titanic and being able to recall many facts the general public do not know about this event.

I also hold a classical nerd aspect, but this action that makes me a nerd use to be seen as only the true stereotype nerd would do those who are; greasy,  band-aid glasses, date less , acne faced boy. But however many individuals from every walk of life are now playing. This nerd aspect I am talking about is computer gaming, specifically World Of Warcraft. Thank you to my nerd boyfriend, I now have a level 85 Enchancement Shaman, and I understand where Sheldon (Big Bang Theory) is coming from when his account becomes hacked. Police should have jurisdiction here!

Though I still believe even with all these new individuals playing and the stereotype being broken, that online gaming such as World Of Warcraft is still spoken about in a derogatory way. In my high school when people discovered I play this game, even the ones who my High School called nerds, made fun of me for being a GEEKY NERD that is an Axe yielding freak!

It is clear they are certainly out of the Zeitgeist.

The nerds have and are rising to become cool however I believe from personal experience that with many individuals creating new content for their favourite fandoms such as deviantart, scenarios, fanfiction and this now being seen as cool and normal, that online gaming nerds are still not seen to be “cool” by many people.

It is clear there are now many different types of nerds, no longer a simple stereotypical image.

So now when you look around you can you see the Nerds rising?

Until next time

That’s all folks



Campbell, R 2012, How and why nerds become chic, lecture, BCM112,  Convergent Media Practices, University of Wollongong, delivered 16th April.

All other references are hyperlinked through out


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