*Ding Dong* The Ripper has killed again! *Ding Dong*

When Jack the Ripper killed his victims a man would walk down the street with a bell and yell out the breaking news, which then people had to go and wait in line to buy a newspaper to find out the full story.

How do you receive your daily news? Are you helping to make news?

The convergence of technology has changed the way in which journalism operates. No longer can I start-up a magazine or a newspaper company and just assume I can rely on print products only, I must also incorporate an online profile aswell for my readers to further engage and gain access to online only stories.

It is said most youth today receive their news through social media such as Twitter and Facebook with shows such as Ellen coming next.  I could see how this has truth in it as I find most of my news through Facebook and I also share news through Facebook.

What does this make me, a journalist? If I share news stories through social media and my blogs does this make me a journalist?

To an extent …. yes.

Thank’s to technology a person can now become an online journalist without restraint. My very own blog is a great example, I did not have to hold a degree to warrant a right to write this blog, yet here it is available to the public eye. Long gone the days where we would sit down and read the paper or turn on the news and sit without distractions watching so we didn’t miss any important details. Now you are likely to find us sitting down on our computers checking sites like News.com.au or reading our Facebook/twitter to see if anything important has happened throughout the day. Citizen Journalism could be said to be putting the big companies out of business due to how easy it is for an ordinary individual to post their own stories and reviews on the internet for public display. Many no longer see the need to look else where for their information.

This technology has also meant that I can now check my news from anywhere, my mobile phone I carry with me can access every current news article while I am  travelling. This has led to global convergence we are now more connected than ever which benefits the community we can now easily access information about other countries main events if we fear for our families, future travel plans, expanding cultures and sharing our technology/ knowledge  for world-wide usage/ consumption.

Are you sharing news and not realising how easy and convenient this is to do, unlike back in Jack the Ripper’s day when a man had to walk around shouting the news or when you had to stand in a long line waiting for that precious information source to the outside world.

Until next time,

That’s all folks



O’Donnell, M 2012, Journalism and the popular: myth, narrative and the sphere of public imagination, lecture, BCM112, Convergent Media Practices, University of Wollongong, delivered on 30th April.

All others are hyperlinked through out


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