Blogging only like a woman can

“The doctrine advocating social, political, and all other rights of women equal to those of men.”

Woman have always been fighting for equality though women’s equality has changed. Woman were under represented in computer science training and the computer network was seen to be very much a macho culture.

However this has changed, in 2012 a woman has the same access to computers and an online network as a man does. Yet again my blog is an example of this, I am a young female yet I have a right and the ability to access and write this blog for anyone of any gender to read.
In the past decade woman have had access to computer classes which they once before may not have had access to or felt that society would not approve of them undertaking a computer course.

I myself was able to take a computer course in year 9 and 10. However woman now have to face  online  misogyny.  Many female celebrities, bloggers, YouTube video makers  and others have been subjected to death threats especially if they a line them self with the feminist movement which results in hate mail from men. This lead to the hashtag campaign on twitter, #mencallmethings .

The internet has allowed these kind of insults to occur due to your comments are being hidden by a username. This allows individuals to never have to face consequences of their online trolling and flaming.

Not only women face this abuse with many male bloggers, YouTube video makers and other being subjected to the same treatment as the woman, threats and hate mail, due to their also alignment with feminism and supporting women in their campaign.

Though woman are often victims of trolling and flaming regarding their looks, it seems to be an idea in society that unless you are of a certain weight and are seen to be attractive your opinion does not hold any importance to it. If you were to read many comments which are flaming women online you will note a lot will be regarding there looks and have no relevance to the topic she is relating to.

The internet has allowed individuals to attack other individuals for their beliefs, characteristics, gender, sexuality and the list goes on. Individuals hide behind a user name to attack other individuals, especially woman regarding the  feminist movement.

I place here and now that I am a feminist however I am not afraid for you to read this as I am not embarrassed by this fact that I believe in equality for all, and no I will not return to the kitchen.  No woman should have to fear proclaiming their feminism views on the internet, however sadly until people will not troll or instigate flaming this will not be the case. Many seem hold the idea that feminism is women believing that they are superior to men. Really feminism is equality, for a woman to be seen equal to a man, no higher no lower.

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Dreher, T 2012, #mencallmethings Identity and difference online, lecture, BCM112, Convergent Media Practices, University of Wollongong, delivered 7th April.

All others have been hyperlinked throughout


One thought on “Blogging only like a woman can

  1. For sure, it’s weird how when I talk to a feminism opponent their argument usually eventuates in some nonsense about how it is like ‘femi-nazism’, and that males are losing their rights from it. I can’t actually begin to follow that logic.

    I’m a feminist and I’m male, when I tell other guys that they always seem to ask me if I’m gay haha. People are weird.

    On the flipside, I also find it weird how when I talk to other more like-minded people about it, they give me more attention for being male and a feminist, than a female gets for being a feminist. Everything is confusing.

    Wow this comment is too long haha, and I said ‘feminist’ too many times. Goodbye. 🙂

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