My time of Reflection…

It is nearly the end of my first ever session of University, so this is the time for a reflection of the past ten weeks. I will now reflect on what I believe to be my best three blogs.

       1. True Transmedia Blood

Transmedia I found a rather interesting topic which I believe lead me to write a more in-depth and engaging blog post which excelled past my others. I really enjoyed this topic and enjoyed being able to blog on one of my favourite television shows. I choose to discuss True Blood which I found useful for a current example of a transmedia. True Blood, through the use of videos and quotes, I was able to fully demonstrate the definition of transmedia in practice.

      2. Your an open book?? Not anymore

The concept of open and closed devices which I use in my everyday life fascinated me. I had never given this concept thought before I was required to blog on this topic; this is why I believe this is one of my better blogs. To better engage my reader I used two current popular mobile phone operating systems which would have allowed better understanding of terminology and the concept I was conveying. The idea that my IPod is a closed device I cannot simply make an app for, provoked thought for me so I also tried to encourage this for my readers as well by using hypothetical questions.

3. Blogging only like a woman can

The topic for this blog was really close to my heart, and this is why I feel this is also one of my best blogs. Being a female internet user who can be quite opinionated online, this was an important blog for me to write. I needed to demonstrate to my audience that women are now more equal on the internet and the flaming and trolling we receive regarding our appearance especially. I feel this is a good blog as I put a lot of heart into it, clearly defined feminism and explained the history and problems for women on the internet.

Well thats all folks



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