50 Shades of Grey – Review

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This book has taken off over the past few months, especially with middle-aged women. So do you ask why an 18-year-old girl would be reading this? My answer is: Curiosity.

I watch Ellen and The View if I am home and they have been going on about this book, it has been in the news and some of my family members have read it. So I found my self heading to BookDepository to buy the three books.

Now I am aware of what bondage is. I am aware of S & M and I watch True Blood ect.. However this book is not what it is being made out to be….

Right so this book is meant to be Erotic and making women everywhere wanting to rip off their clothes and jump into the bedroom with their husbands/ partners. I cannot see why this is? I cannot see how this book will make women want this lifestyle that Ana has.

Ok ok Mr. Grey is rich, handsome and sometimes a gentlemen (I stress this sometimes ). He looks after Ana in any way possible, buys her anything she desires and travels across the country just to be with her. Awesome this is perfect I can see why women would fall for this man. However Mr. Grey has a darker side, “The red room of pain.”

Ana is not really looked after in this room, I recall I believe her first sexual experience in it where she has two orgasms and then evidently sleepy and has no energy. Mr. Grey then pushes her to do it again and instead of just giving himself an orgasm he makes her cum aswell. Now I know that this is Ana’s fault she could have used the “safe word” but she is under some belief that if she stops him he will leave her.

What kind of relationship is that?

Ana is an immature 22-year-old, her thoughts match those of a 16-year-old. She often annoys me, as a character. She cannot keep her legs shut when around Christian. One look from him and she’s “ready to go”, the day this girl keeps her legs shut and learns to control her libido will be the day a pig fly’s.

If I have to read “my inner goddess” one more time I will burn the page!

Seriously E L James has over used many expressions, Inner goddess, subconscious and biting your lip/ biting my lip. Also I dunno about you but I do not have a subconscious that talks to me , maybe Ana should be checked for schizophrenia. Also Ana’s term of her vagina “my sex”. I am uncomfortable with this term, as you are reading a bondage scene I found it odd not to read her vagina as “vagina” or another term. My sex I felt was to ” hush hush” as if we cannot use the real word.

This novel is interesting do not get me wrong, I can see how parts may tickle some womans fantasy. A rich handsome man buying you anything you want. Though I feel it is also a huge step back in feminism. Yes many woman enjoy S &M  and many could be feminist that’s great however I felt this book was really anti feminist.

  1. Ana is not a very strong female lead.
  2. She is treated like property Mr. Grey has acquired, like in a Jane Austen Novel.
  3. Ana feels if she does not let him degrade her he will leave her, No woman should tolerate abuse just incase he might leave.

My feelings towards the novel and my opinion alone, others may see this book as sexually empowering I will not disagree or agree with you on that, but these are my thoughts.

However I did enjoy the romance aspect of this novel. The tension of love is what kept me interested not the sex as I expected would. This book I think has been hyped up regarding its sexual content and not enough about its story of romance (outside of the bed room). This is the only reason I like this book and will continue reading to see how their relationship outside the room of pain continues to grow.
Now summary of the author:

E L James: Published this as Twilight fan fiction. I believe her writing is poorly written, it is careless and I have noticed things which all of a sudden where in the room or have occurred but the event was not described. She alludes to texts a lot such as Twilight (obviously since it was a fan fiction) and the story of Mrs. Robinson. Verging on copyright????

Mrs.Robinson was a bad choice for the name of Mr. Grey’s first sexual encounter when he was 15 years old. She did not have to allude to this story, lack of original thought was shown by this.

Over all rating: 5.5/10

Comment: I will continue in these books from curiosity I have heard it becomes better and you will understand Mr. Grey. I hope this occurs as I truly dislike the man such a gentlemen then a complete lack of a better word ass.
I also truly hope this does not lead to a baby boom as I hope women reading this will have more self-control than Ana who has 0.

That’s all folks, Until the next book review.


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7 thoughts on “50 Shades of Grey – Review

  1. I read a description on a book site of this before everyone started to hype it up etc. I thought it sounded cheesy and un-original, I was not curious of the way they put this storey/characters at all. I am going to read it though, especially after your review, just to see what the fuss is about (and to know what I am talking about if I slate it in book clubs!) haha
    I too agree with you with your three points. If it is going to be hyped up and available to young inexperienced and impressionable women, I believe it should contain a strong female lead of some description?! Thanks for the review 🙂

  2. I am not usually a follower or into fads but curiosity got the best of me, I was wondering what all the hype was about, it was the hot topic with all my fb friends, I couldn’t even look out my window without seeing my neighbour reading this book so I bought the damn book. I am a little over half through the book now and I have to admit at first it was like…wow, this is hot and mildly interesting but now I am BORED AS HELL and all I keep on thinking is ” what the hell am I reading???” seriously all this book is ” I’m going to Fuck you here and Fuck you there and Fuck you hard :@” even people who are into watching porn don’t do it this much and if they do they have major issues, I mean, I keep thinking ” when is something good going to happen?? so I start flipping through the pages I have not read yet to see if I can catch something interesting…but nope..all it is is fucking and more degrading fucking :O yawn/barf.
    Like she could have gotten accidently knocked up or he could have turned out to be a complete psycho murderer or something…ANYTHING…this just sux…please someone please let me know if this gets any better, should I even waste a dime on the next book??????

    1. Hey Cynthia I havent ventured on to the next lot yet as I ma reading another book however I do know in book 3 she does get pregnant!
      So maybe get that one a flick haha

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