Puppy Factories one of Australia’s Shames

Oscar’s Law, ok so you are all reading this thinking what is oscar’s law  sounds like some man crusading for a cause or it is about a crime he committed.

Please say hello to Oscar:

Oscar was rescued from a Puppy Farm, his skin was paper THIN and as you can see from this image he was not in the best of shape.

The truth about dogs in pet shops is a lot of them come from a Puppy Factory. These factories use many female dogs as breeding machines.
These female dogs will be kept pregnant their entire lives every time they go on heat, sometimes leading to their uterus falling out. Once these females turn 6years old they will we destroyed and replaced.  Everyone knows that dogs will live well past 6years of age from non accidental deaths.

Now please observe these photos, this is the Truth of how these puppies and their parents are kept. They are kept on concrete floors or suspended from wire cages. Left to sleep and live in their own faeces with many factories hardly cleaning any of the pens. These dogs are left in the dark with no human contact and are left scared and alone. Many suffer from multiple diseases and lose eyes due to infections from the conditions they are living in, and the fact they have little or no veterinary care.

These are the facts, this is the truth. The puppy you stared at today in the pet store could very well have been born in a place like this there is a very high percentage that it was. This little puppy that you were staring at parents, mainly their mother, will most likely still be in this factory unless  rescued or killed she will be pregnant once again.


Support Oscars law!

For more information please view these sites:

Oscars Law


Thank you and that is all folks

Until next time



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