Mobiles influencing our personalities ?

While observing Katy Perry’s new music video I noticed how it adequately demonstrates the obsession we currently have as a society to our smartphones. This video shows the young girl taking her mobile phone to the bathroom, waking up to a message and so on. It also I believe demonstrates how meaningless our conversations through our mobile phones often are. I can not generalize for others but as for myself, I find when I am bored I will start up a meaningless conversation through my mobile rather than using it for what I believe would be it’s original intention. I believe the original intention was to have a portable phone that allowed individuals to contact you if they needed you and text messaging was a quick and easy way to leave someone a message that they can reply to in their own time. Not to have meaningless conversations through. Therefore, if we created a messaging system originally to exchange messages of importance to now mean nothing; what have we done to our personal relationships?

Often modern relationships are conducted through media devices, how has this affected our relationships on a personable level? When I view my relationship with my boyfriend, who lives an hour away I notice that a large part of our relationship when we have University and work is conducted through text messaging.  How does this effect my characteristics as a person? Text messaging is often used to express emotions that we can not say to a person in real life because of the feeling of security of it being through a text message.  Ueda and Nojima 2012 studies the effects of relationships using text messages and how this media type effects characteristics, they also believed that media characteristics would influence the media that the individual used or selected. To simplify this, they proposed that an individual would choose the media type depending on their personality, an example being shyness, as also evidence by Kitani (2003). Kitani (2003). They produced evidence to show that shyness had significantly impacted on the frequency of text messaging usage. However, Ueda and Nojima wondered what psychological effects were created due to using this media to replace physical contact.

Sadly their studies did not provide anything conclusive, however, It is clear that the use of text messages are effecting audiences especially youth. Smith et al (2008) states that their actually has been a drop in the rate of bullying, however, bullying in youth now occurs more frequently outside of the class room with the main cyber bullying stemming through text messages.This is clearly an effect of this media device on individuals.  Bullying in the traditional sense has decreased, clearly this shows that media content such as text messaging has impacted how youth treat each other and that they believe they can “get away” with bullying if it is through this medium.  I can also speculate from personal experience that the obsession with text messaging is aiding in a lack of social skills and issues are conveyed and taken with less emotion than traditional communication platforms.

Do you believe communication media such as text messaging has changed or influenced your characteristics?

– Amy


Kitani, Y. (2003). Daigakusei no keitai mail no riyo taido ni-kansuru kenkyu: Hiroshima shinai no daigakusei wo taisho to-shite [A study on the attitude of college students using mobile mail]. Hiroshima Shudo University Academic Journals, 44, 341-371.

Ueda, Y. & Nojima, M. 2012, “The mediating effect of perceived media characteristics on shyness and text messaging in cell phone relationships”, Journal of Technology Research, vol. 3, pp. 1-12.

Smith, P. K., Mahdavi, J., Carvalho, M., Fisher, S., Russell, S. and Tippett, N. 2008, ‘Cyberbullying: its nature and impact in secondary school pupils’, Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry, vol. 49, no. 4, pp. 376–385



2 thoughts on “Mobiles influencing our personalities ?

  1. Considering how much my relationship has relied on technology I think it’s made me better at using it to communicate, when I was in high school, it was just pointless text messages to my friends about useless stuff but when it became my only way to reach my boyfriend and to get to know him, it completely changed the way I used it.

    I’m doing cyber bullying as a topic in social marketing and through our research so far we’ve found parental engagement and teaching kids how to use social media in terms of how to block, how to report, how to switch off is key to addressing the issue. It’s crazy to think that parents don’t know what’s happening or that kids don’t know how to get out of the cycle. Again, great post! 🙂

  2. I believe that to a degree, text messaging has impacted and influenced my characteristics, in the sense that I often try to be as nice as I can to those around me, and because of this I feel the need to translate and communicate this through texting as well, which involves emoticons and punctuality like exclamation marks. I feel that in this day and age, a person really cares if that take the time to put effort into their texts, rather than just responding with one word answers.

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