Reflection of the Audience to my Media

ReflectionAbove are my sites statistics for the past 90 days 
showing where on the globe my views came from
I have sadly approached the end of my blogging journey for my University subject; BCM240- Media Audience and Place, therefore, it is time to reflect the last nine weeks.
I have enjoyed blogging for this subject as I found many of the concepts interesting to research. I believe the post I most enjoyed writing was my fandom blog post, as I really resonate with this topic due to my personal interest in producing fan content. Though when looking holistically at the subject and my blogging experience I can see major improvements from my attempts at blogging last year and found I rather enjoyed being able to find my own scholarly articles rather than trying to incorporate set readings provided in my course.
I feel that perhaps finding my own academic sources to place in my blogs allowed me to better connect with my audience as perhaps my content was not as dry as previous blog posts. As you can see from my statistic’s I have received 466 views on my blog in the past 90 days. This is significantly increased from last year and I would recommend that it is due to my promotion of my blog on more external media platforms and  my furthering use of tags on my blog posts (As shown by my referrers statistics below). referers
I engaged more with using popular hashtags and adding more tags to my posts this year. I believe this allowed people from countries such as Germany to find my posts. The presence of overseas readers really resonates with me as it cements the responsibility I have as a blogger to ensure I write for an international audience.  I often forget that I am not writing just for individuals in Australia but I am writing for an audience that is also global. I believe I may have started writing specifically for Australian audiences but as the weeks progressed I was more aware that I had  international readers therefore, I should be more general or state ‘within Australia’ in my posts.
Referring back to the image above it clearly show’s where my audience comes from.  I promoted my blog strongly on Twitter and Facebook and as the views show this worked to an extent. I am happy with my Twitter views as I only have 170 followers and content is removed from timelines at a fast rate. However, I feel I should have utilized the hashtag feature on twitter further rather than just using  #BCM240 to further my readership and promotion of my blog.
The engagement on my blog has increased this year which I am pleased about. I believe perhaps this increase is due to my posed questions at the end of each blog post. This was an attempt to engage with my audience and I feel this was achieved though perhaps this could have been achieved better through better promotion of my blog. Many of my blogs received three comments with my most viewed blog for this subject being  ‘Are you an invisible Subconscious Media User?‘.
In conclusion I feel this blog still had room to grow if I was going to blog further on the subject matter in the next few months, nevertheless, I feel this blog received an acceptable amount of views and a wide (unexpected) international readership. I enjoyed sourcing my own academic sources and feel I have improved on finding credible sources for my blog’s content and feel this is something that helped my blog be perceived as more professional. I also learnt to utilize tags and undertake field studies further while undertaking this blog and feel my content became better from extending these skills.  This has helped me better understand how individuals use different media depending on where they physically are and I will hopefully further explore this area in the future.
Thank you for following my BCM240 blog.

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