Rumour Has It… [Book Review]


I am not one to give up on a book. I have never given up any book no matter how terrible I always peruse to the end. Usually because I am curious to what the resolution will be. However, this book has ruined my pride of being able to say “I have never given up on a book”.
Let me start at the beginning.

“I have never given up on a book”

I was wondering through my local library and decided I felt like some light hearted chick lit to start off my holidays from University. After reading politics text books all year I felt I needed some light hearted romance with a dashing male lead to fall in love with. Well this is not the book I should have choose.
The synopsis’s makes this novel seem like it has a dashing attractive male lead you will instantly fall in-love with and their will be amazing sparks flying between the characters. A wrong impression indeed my dear readers.
Here is a summary of the plot:

“Tilly moves from London and away from a loveless relationship to a new job as a ‘Girl Friday’. There she meets Jack who is the town bike and is still grieving from the loss of his fiance Rose in  a drowning (compare this to Titanic’s plot line). Multiple characters point of views are examined. The cute new relationship of Erin and Fergus, but this relationship is rocky due to Fergus’s ex wife creating havoc for Erin.
The family Tilly has gone to work for has a red haired daughter who is bullied at school as her father, Max, is gay. And do not forget the Ex wife who has escaped USA from being a TV star due to having a significant blunder in the media.
This town is small and rumors spread quick this is the entire summary without giving away spoilers. “

Ok spoiler time.

Firstly, Tilly’s character disappointed me. She started off as a dependent, strong, carefree character though throughout the novel she altered to a pathetic love struck, brain dead zombie especially when Jack was around. This annoyed me, I do not believe a female should change in the face of a man. Especially one such as Jack, he was not a great male lead for me. I did not like or dislike him, I found myself to be very for a lack of a better word ‘meh’ regarding his character. (Also the use of Jack and Rose with Rose dying from a drowning connects too greatly to Titanic. Perhaps if she had not drowned it would have worked better. This is from a Titanic obsessed fan.)

Secondly, Erin and Fergus were a nice couple with a good hitch in the road. The hitch was Stella the ex wife, who was an excellent character you really disliked her and thought she was truly crazy. However, her suddenly developing cancer and dying (I stopped reading this novel before she died) really did not sit well with me. I hope when I choose my chick lit it will be light and I can hate the antagonist but I would never wish them to die of a disease such as this and feel guilty for hating her this whole time. This is where I stopped reading and I was 70% through the novel. The cancer scene did not bode well with my current emotions in my life and I could not bring myself to continue reading this. It was too heavy for what I expected from this novel and I prefer a much lighter narrative unless I am reading Supernatural novels. She really could have expanded this character further, it was as though she got bored of Stella so killed her off.

Thirdly, the predictability of this book was pathetic. You never were surprised, with 30% left when I put this book down I was able to guess multiple endings to the book. Many resolutions I determined at the start of the book. You maybe thinking how do I know what happened in the end if I did not reach it? Well I reviewed this book also on goodreads and I read some other reviews were many had similar issues as I did with this novel. However, these people finished this book and also gave away all the conclusions to all sub-plots and thus I was confirmed in my conclusions to the novel.

“Predictable to the point you can assume the ending before you have reached the climax”

The author has not made a very large impression on me. She has pathetic female characters that seem more concerned with the attention of men like Jack rather than a career or anything else.  I will not read any more of her novels I prefer a book that is easy laugh out loud read, something supernatural or a novel that will surprise me. Not one that I will know how it ends before I have even reached the climax.

Rating: 2/10



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