Forward thinking .. the DIGC310 way

We have surpassed 1/3 of the term, and I have been asked to take a moment and discuss my plans for rest of the semester in regards to my subject, Digital gaming cultures.

Firstly, I must look to the Beta game testing week; I have grouped with currently two other students. We are yet to focus our ideas down to a prototype, but we have discussed a board game or even extending this idea to a digital format using a plug and play. My role in this will of course be in modelling the idea, attending to the presentation slides as well as sharing the media role with a fellow group member.

We will then graduate to the final presentation, this will depend of what occurs in the beta testing week. Though the final presentation will require detailed planning and a completed game. I plan on being involved in this by undertaking the media role, where I will undertake platform marketing (researching target markets and retailers), update its progress on the blog as well as undertaking analysis of the game play. I will also aim to try be as active as my skills allow me in the modelling of the game content.

This then leads me to the final project, the project dossier. Where I will be simply reproducing something very similar to this blog post. However, my dossier will be a great deal longer, incorporate scholarly readings as well as critically detailing my contribution to my team through-out the game development process.

Over all I aim for a credit but always hope for a Distinction. I plan to attempt to achieve this mark by researching thoroughly and engaging within my group and ensure that what I have planned above comes to life. I look forward to being very involved in my group project and seeing a game develop through the stages of planning to production.


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