DeadWood Kickstarter project review

Kickstarter is a website that allows individuals to pitch ideas to the general public whether it be video games, books, table top games, etc. If the general public likes the project they will hopefully pledge funds in hope the project will be completed. Honan (2013) states that 45 000 projects have been successfully crowd-funded through Kickstarter online donations which is estimated to equal more than half a billion dollars.

I decided to investigate Kickstarter video games when a project called DeadWood: The Forgotten Curse grabbed my attention. I firstly noticed it because of its alternative look, it reminded me of Don’t Starve (which they state this game is Zelda meets Don’t Starve), once I read through the project I was sold. Their project page showed a quality game and it was evident that this game would be produced. There is always the fear you will fund a project on Kickstarter and then discover that the developers are merely using this platform as a quick way to make money or that the project will never be developed. But Deadwood is apparent to already be associated with Steam, PS4 and Xbox.

So what is this game about? Basically you are playing a wooden character who must complete quests with his rock side kick. This game is based on a night/day cycle and at night the side kick will fall into a sleep. When this happens you must protect your side kick whilst herds of sap eating zombies try to kill you. This game is said to not just employ quests and strategy but it also wants to allow the player to be able to explore the world.

This game sounds like it has a strong narrative; however, it also provides an open world map. An open map is important for me as I enjoy exploring at my own leisure and I often enjoy escaping from the set quests.  The game also has a custom feature that allows you to collect resources and craft your own weapons and defences.

They also provide backers pre-purchases of the game on three platforms and merchandise which provides a professional look to their project. They also state they have worked on major feature films such as Avatar and How to Train You Dragon; therefore, I instantly assume they are qualified and will have industry skills backing their project to ensure it will be a high quality game.

Ultimately I would support this project purely due to three main things, I feel I would enjoy this game, the quality demonstrated is high and they adequately explained their project through the use of video content and providing a playable demo.

.Dead wood is also a great current demonstration of what can be achieved from a Kickstarter. With only 31hours to go they have raised $96 710 from 2137 backers.


Honan, M. 2013, Beyond Kickstarter, in Wired, Vol.21, No.3.


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