How to play Game of Loans

Game nameHave you chosen to play Game of Loans? Of-course you have, learn how to play below and don’t forget to tweet your game experience with #gameofloans . Learn the basics of the game in 90 seconds through the how to video below;

Otherwise for the in-depth concepts please read through the rules below:


2-6 Players Estimated duration 60minutes-90 minutes Required: 2 dice Pen and Paper

  • Every player starts with $2000
  • Roll a die to see who will go first, then proceed clock-wise around the board once in play.
  • Randomly choose six subject cards and only keep four
  • Add up your debt and keep a tally of your money and your debt on your paper
  • Start on first year (red track)
  • If you land on a couch surfing square and it is not owned you may buy it for the price stated on the square. If you buy a couch that couch will stay with you for the entire game regardless of the year you or other players are in
  • If you land on an owned couch square, pay the owner the amount stated on the square
  • If you land on a life card/ Faculty card/ Job card, pick up the card and follow the cards instructions
  • You can only have one job at any time
  • When you enter a new year you must discard all life/faculty cards you have acquired
  • If you land on a job card, pick up the job card and follow its instructions. If it states per dice roll this includes any extra rolls on your turn that you may receive
  • If you roll a double you can roll again, if you roll three doubles go to Tech Fail
  • If you are sent to Tech Fail you must pick up another subject and add it to your current hand and debt
  • When you pass Centrelink you will receive $300 each time
  • You can only pay off any sum of your debt as you pass Centrelink
  • You must pay off all your subjects to move on to the next year. (2nd year Blue and 3rd year Green)
  • In 3rd year once you have paid off all your subjects you must work your way up the middle rungs (pink/plum) and to graduate you must roll the correct number. These rungs you are able to move forward and back though once back on the green path you can only move forward unless the square/card otherwise states
  • You only borrow $1000 from the Government once, if you cannot pay for something on the board, if you become poor a second time you must drop out of University
  • First person to reach the Graduate square wins

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