After four and a half years , I am done.

I have finally reached my last semester at University and I completed the semester differently to any other I have completed before. Though what counts is I am finally finishing and now I am on to considering full time employment, perhaps further education or even a year off and just enjoying the life I have now. Thus it was wonderful to finish my degree by undertaking Advanced Media and Communication or better known as BCM311.

This class was not what I thought when I started, I expected it to be Communications and Media content from all years stuffed into one subject where we would further our terms and produce a final research thesis. I was hesitant, as this is my fifth year and some basic Communications and Media studies terms often escape me and I feared looking like I knew nothing at all. However, when I started the subject it became clear it was more about reflecting on my entire degree, and reflecting on myself rather than content.

This subject was attempting to ready me for my future employment by further understanding myself and others whilst also strengthening my interview skills. I was immersed in a completely new area, Narrative Practice, predominately a psychology area of study but very applicable to communications. This was a completely new concept to me and one that I entered into hesitantly. At first the interviews are a bit confronting, I have severe anxiety and I am shy. Basically I prefer to be the person hiding up the back and pretending I am not there. So these interview excises were often hard for me but to my surprise I ended up enjoying these sessions, they were like free therapy. At the time I had some issues in my life and it was good to deconstruct these and learn more about my personal values. From this I saw that I was implementing narrative practice in my external life. I would try and perform the practice on my partner and internally on myself.

But where too now? Now I am equipped with interesting knowledge on a potential booming area, what do I do now? Well for me personally I do not want to pursue any further study on the topic, but I will continue to apply the technique in my life to my family, friends and myself when they are trying to tackle an event in their life. I feel I have become a better listener and I think this is why I have been so interested in the concept, the absent but implicit. Though I also feel overall the beneficial outcome from this subject is I better understand why I react the way I do to insignificant events, therefore, I have a greater understanding of myself.

This was a wonderful reflective subject to complete my final year with, and I thank Kate and Sue for making it a mature working space. Not only that but also a space that provided support and guidance.


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